It was a dream.

I had a dream two days ago. Strange and surreal as it was, I really wish I could make the same dream again to precisely recollect.

The background of the dream? Hahah! I really don’t know where it is, but it looked a little like somewhere in Thailand? China? It was an ancient-looking kinda place (a shrine perhaps?) filled with people, though not fully crowded. From what I can briefly remember, it started with us trying to roam into the shrine(?) but somehow it felt like we weren’t really welcomed by the people. So, there was me trying to use my body sheltering him from those people, almost trying to stop him from moving forward. But we slowly forced our way through an entrance(?), welcomed by an officer-looking guy.

Inside was a wooden-padded bridge, with a fast-flowing stream beneath. The path lead to another shrine located on a mountain top. I liked the scenery though, coz the stream was almost glittering and the shrine looked like heaven. I was scared at the same because I was anxious at what was anticipating us. He was walking slightly in front of me. I caught up with him, reaching my right hand to his left, and holding my left hand on his arm. I guess he sensed I was nervous, he held on to my hand tightly. I felt safer though.

Then, we were in a bright sandy alley with houses on the side. It’s probably just display houses to me. The houses were made up of bricks and sands. Inside a house, I wanted to carry a child up a narrow steep staircase. I tried to walk up the stairs but I couldn’t as I felt the weight of the children pushing me down. He came to me from behind, and took the child from me to carry him upstairs. I followed behind. We toured around the houses of what it looked like it were connected together.

Suddenly, it was dark; not literally pitch dark because I can still see light coming from round windows. A ship porthole now? A lot of soldiers (modern-looking soldiers) rushed in asking the people to stand to one side. It seemed like they were looking for someone, a girl whom I know, but I did not know whether she’s on board(?). The soldiers asked everyone to show their identity cards/passports. I was not afraid, not because I’m not the girl they were looking for, but because I was confident I knew I would not be caught. Would not be caught for the identity that he and I held, although I couldn’t really comprehend whom we were.

There were a lot of short circuits in my dream here and there, thus probably explained why my dream sounded so bizarre. I tried deciphering the dream and relating them to my reality, still odd though. But I really wanted to pen down this particular dream because I felt so comforted when I woke up and the dream was special.


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