[Review] Ten Miles of Peach Blossom / Eternal Love

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a post. Hehe..have been busy coping with stuff, but it’s all settled right now. ^^

I’m writing this post because…I recently fell in love with one popular C-drama called Ten Miles of Peach Blossom a.k.a Eternal Love (三生三世十里桃花). If translated directly, it means ‘Three Lives Three Lifetime Ten Miles Peach Blossoms’. It’s a novel-based, fantasy and romance drama, written by Tang Qi. Its first released was on January 30th 2017, starring Mark Chao & Yang Mi. The drama was a big hit & currently remained the top viewership ratings in China.

When I first heard of the drama in January, I wasn’t at all interested in it because 1) it’s a Chinese drama, 2) it’s a fantasy drama, 3) it’s a romantic drama, and 4) neither of the actors were my favorite. But when I was not too tied down with stuffs and got a little bored, I started watch an episode or two of the latter episodes. In which I got warped into the craze everyone’s been talking about. Haha..I know I’m outdated already.

So what attracted me to watching this drama? 

  1. Beautiful backdrops & CG 

The background and certain scene settings were mostly CG-fied, but it was so pretty! Compared to many other dramas, the usage of CG was up to expectation at least. However that being said, of course, certain CG scenes were still cringe-worthy. But overall, I would give a thumbs up to the production team for the CG job well done.



2. Exciting plot. Not too draggy.

Next is the plot. I got trapped into watching this because the plot was not draggy, unlike some Chinese dramas I have watched. I’m the type of person that CANNOT stand boredom. Even if it’s any episodes or dramas, if it’s boring or talking bullsh*t for more than 10 minutes, that’s it, I’m waving goodbye to the entire drama. I think I started watching this drama at around Episode 54 until the final 58th episode. Every scene served their own purpose, and the plot & pace really captivated me to continue watching. I guess that’s because it’s nearing the end. When I rewatched from the beginning, it did not let me down neither. There may be certain points where it did get a little mundane, but overall this drama managed to keep me awake up to 4am just to finish watching the entire thing within 3 days. So, you get the idea.

3. On-point & solid acting
(every individual may have different opinion on this, just voicing my POV)

Characters-wise. Hmm. At first, I felt neutral towards the main actor and actress. Everyone was like ‘omg you know it’s Yang Mi?! How can you not like her?!’. Yeah, I know she’s quite popular in China but I’m not really a fan of C-drama or fandom. Plus, sometimes, her ‘monotonous black face’ on screen just put me off. (please do not be triggered, Yang Mi’s fans!) After watching the drama though, my personal opinion towards her have changed, in which I think she portrayed the character of ‘Gugu'(姑姑) or the female ruler of QingQiu kingdom was on point. You can see a definite change of her portrayal of the naive & mischievous Si Yin, to a wiser & matured Bai Qian, to a more feminine yet strong Su Su.

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Likewise, Mark Chao’s portrayed two different characters in this drama, one as Mo Yuan (well-respected high War God) and Ye Hua (crown prince of the Sky Realm). From his acting, we as viewers can well distinct between the different characteristics of Mo Yuan and Ye Hua. In fact, both characters were brother but it wasn’t known until much latter episodes.

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Oh and not to forget, there were also bits of comedy here & there throughout all episodes too. Like the gossiping trio: Si Ming (god who writes mortal’s destiny), Cheng Yu (initially a mortal who became immortal god, I guess), Third Prince of Sky Realm. I love the scenes whenever they appear haha!

Well, after finishing the drama, I looked up for the script too. I usually enjoy reading drama script for dramas I liked. Hehe, click the link below to download the drama script if you like. It’s in Chinese, though. The original novel was also translated into English version, called To The Sky Kingdom. It’s available for purchase in Amazon, it’s mainly written from Bai Qian’s POV. I highly suggest to watch the drama first before you read the novel 🙂

Drama script for Eternal Love

I guess that’s all for today. Until then. 🙂


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